The Project Management Institute Kenya, together with the Project Management Institute USA, are delighted to host the 8th Africa Regional Project Management Conference, to be held for the first time in Kenya, from 10th - 12th September 2023, at Emara Hotel, Ole Sereni Nairobi.

The conference is themed, “The Africa We Want: Together We Can” anchored on the African Union Agenda 2063. Over 550 global professionals are expected to attend.

This conference is the largest gathering of its kind on the continent. It offers a premier platform to spotlight Kenya’s growing project-based economy and supports the government’s commitment to realize the national strategic goals of economic growth, and to transform citizen lives through assured delivery of development benefits and sustainable, resilient, fit-for-purpose infrastructure.

Education and youth are an important part of our PMI Africa conference, with content dedicated to that demographic. A student’s all-day pre conference event has been planned for 9th September 2023, with the goal of empowering students in project management to drive positive social impact and change. The forum will emphasis sustainability opportunities and challenges pertaining to Africa and will be aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The attendees will be trained to develop solutions to Africa issues efficiently by using no-code/low-code tools and developer technology, to realize solutions that will create a better future. The event will blend multiple learning lenses to deliver a comprehensive and engaging experience for the attendees:

  1. Educational: educational sessions and workshops to equip the participants with the necessary knowledge and insights on project management, sustainability and social impact. These sessions will be facilitated by experts in the field, offering valuable insights and engaging discussions.
  2. Innovation: The students will have the opportunity to apply their learning in a practical setting and encouraged to design innovative solutions to address the challenges and opportunities highlighted during the educational sessions. The participants will be introduced to applications and tools, to develop their problem-solving skills.

Practical Experience: to support our commitments to social impact, a hands-on road and river clean-up will provide the participants with a tangible experience to make a positive difference in the community and drive sustai

Saturday, September 9, 2023 - 8:00am