Congratulations on your admission to the University of Nairobi. The University of Nairobi is a world class university committed to scholarly excellence. Your orientation programme, registration and classes will be conducted through the blended mode at the University. Please find the following important information to assist you in preparing to join the University of Nairobi:

1. Ensure to download your admission letter and joining instructions and acquire a University email address. The attached Checklist will assist you to organize all the required documents.

2. The Academic Year 2024/2025 will commence on Monday 19 August 2024 for all First Years

3 The Orientation/Registration week programme and instructions on how to access your registration documents will be communicated to you at your various Faculties. The Orientation week will be from 19th to 25th August 2024.

3. All students are expected to pay the relevant fees before their admission to the University. Module II students will generate their admission numbers upon payment of fees.

4. Teaching, learning and examinations will be conducted through a blended : physical and online mode. You are therefore advised to make arrangements in line with the “Bring your own Gadget Policy” to acquire an appropriate gadget like a tablet, iPad or computer/laptop which will enable you to start your classes

5. KCSE 2023 students who may have not received their Admission Letters/Joining Instructions, please login as indicated below to access your admission letter and joining instructions:
 Go to

 Enter Registration number eg C3/3333/2024 as username and KCSE index number as password eg 123456789112023

6. Applicants who have received Inter-Institution/University Transfer letters from KUCCPS should scan and email the letter/notification from KUCCPS to  The University of Nairobi will issue all successful applicants with letters of Admission /Joining Instructions.

7. You are eligible for a Government Scholarship, Loan and Bursary to assist with your educational expenses.

If you need Government financial support, you MUST make an application for consideration through the official link: 

In case the Government Scholarship,Loan and Bursary do not cover the entire cost of your program, the deficit will be met by your parent/guardian. Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned for any further clarification/assistance.

Download this communication and Checklist here 

Download admission letter doc