The vision of the University of Nairobi is to be a globally competitive university transforming society. One of the ways towards global competitiveness and society transformation is through conducting research and disseminating it for development. Increasing visibility and impact of research output is one of the university’s strategic objectives.


The University of Nairobi has a dynamic digital repository that aims at making the institutional research discoverable and accessible globally. However, repository platforms are not designed to manage live publishing workflow process given that they are archival in nature for pre-print, grey literature and post-print versions of articles previously published in traditional journals.  Development and implementation of open access journal publishing platforms to manage university journals is the best option for enhancing visibility of local journals and articles, impact and ranking of the university.


The university has developed an open journal system to manage institutional journals with an aim of making the research visible globally. Several training sessions have been conducted. However, the process of implementation is still in progress to ensure that best practices and international standards are applied. It is on this basis that the Library Department has organized online training on “Publishing and Managing University of Nairobi Journals using Open Journal System (OJS)”. The training is scheduled on 4th and 5th April from 10.00AM to 12.00 Noon (EAT).


The aim of the training is to:

1.      Support implementation of OJS in managing university journals to increase visibility and accessibility of local research globally thus 

       improving university ranking and collaboration.

2.      Make open access publishing a viable option for the faculty staff and students to increase readership as well as to contribute to the public 

      good on a global scale

3.      Encourage researchers to publish their articles in institutional scholarly journals.



The training will entail the following topics:


DAY 1: 4TH APRIL, 2024

1.      Overview on best practices and international standards in publishing

2.      Introduction to open journal systems

3.      Managing university journals using open journal system

4.      Demo on use of creative common licenses

5.      Enhancing university journals visibility (Indexing, DOAJ, registering ISSNs, Handles, DOIs – DataCite and CrossRef, etc)

6.      Other visibility tools (Google Scholar, OrCid, Social media tools e.g. academia etc)



1.      Introduction/overview to the University of Nairobi open journal system.

2.      LIVE demo on publishing platform workflow and publishing process

3.  Practical experience in creation and configuration of a new journal, submission of articles, tracking system and editorial steps, creating journal issues, publishing/production of journals.

 The training targets - Faculty members, Editors, Peer-Reviewers, Administrators, Intellectual property staff, ICT staff, Librarians, Post-Graduate Students, Research managers and Researchers/authors.



Publishing and Managing University of Nairobi Journals using Open Journal System (OJS)







1.      Introduction to OJS

2.      Good practices in publishing & managing university journals

3.      Creative common licenses

4.      Enhancing university journals visibility

Faculty Staff, Editors & Peer-Reviewers, journal administrators & research managers,

Postgraduate Students & Researchers



10 A.M - 12 P.M

Practical LIVE Session on managing UoN Journal System.

(Article submission, editorial workflow, issue creation & production)

Faculty Staff, Editors & Peer-Reviewers, journal administrators & research managers,

Postgraduate Students & Researchers

5/4/ 2024

10 A.M - 12 P.M




Please do not hesitate to contact the Department through the Library Helpdesk link below for further inquiries:

Thursday, April 4, 2024 - 10:00am