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Quantifying Lost Livelihoods by Defining Risk Thresholds of Productive Assets among Urban-Proximate Pastoral Communities in Southern Kenya

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Sponsor: USAID-HED

Proposal By:

Dr. Laban MacOpiyo - UoN

Dr. Oliver V. Wasonga - UoN

Dr. Randall Boone  -CSU

The study seeks to assess and explicitly define the risk thresholds of determinants of resilience in pastoral households in Kajiado County in southern Kenya. The specific objectives of the study are to:

1. Determine household herd (HHH) size dynamics over the past 30 years using herder knowledge based on recall

2. Identify current and track past herding itineraries using GPS units/GPS-enabled phones assigned to herdsmen of selected pastoral herds

3. Evaluate changes in land-use in the pastoral areas of southern Kenya using remote sensing and PGIS techniques

4. Determine the relationship between changes in land-use and herding patterns

5. Determine the risk thresholds of productive assets of pastoral communities of Kajiado County, Southern Kenya

6. Write a collaborative follow-up research proposal.

The expected outputs of the project are:

1. A scientific publication: Longitudinal dynamics of household herd and mobility attributes among pastoral communities in Kajiado County of Kenya

2. A scientific publication: Is land-use change to blame for the changes in herding itineraries, frequencies and distance in the southern rangelands Kenya?

3. A draft collaborative research proposal founded on collaboration between UoN and CSU and to follow-up on the pilot study, and address identified gaps as well as new research directions

4. Four Blogs written by the investigators and uploaded to the CSDES knowledge sharing platform.

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