Thursday, May 16, 2024

Hope Nabalayo, Zachary Nyakweba and Kairu Karega could not contain their excitement as they were awarded the Wangari Maathai Young Journalists Award at the just concluded All Africa Media Leaders’ Summit Gala Dinner recently held in Nairobi on May 8-10, 2024.

The three were among other journalists in Africa that were honored and celebrated for their contribution in journalism in Africa through their careers. Purity Macharia, Royal Media Services and Patrick Quarcoo, Radio Africa were the other Kenyan journalists that were awarded.

The All Africa Media Leaders’ Summit 2024 was a first after a 10-year hiatus where all Africa media leaders converged to discuss the future of journalism in Africa.

Speaking during the Summit, the President of Africa Development Bank, Akinwumi Adesina charged the spirits of the journalists by challenging them to tell stories of Africa citing that Africa is well endowed with a rich culture and a diverse tapestry of stories. He urged the journalists to set the agenda for their story telling. He reminded the audience how powerful they are. He also pledged to set a pool of funds dedicated to upskill African journalists.

The summit saw insightful keynote speeches, disruptive panel discussions and master classes that we can dare say will shift how African journalists will shape the narratives about the continent.

Interesting discourse such as media’s freedom of expression, who sets the agenda? Sustainable financing, media convergence, technological adaptation and how the industry can optimize AI.

Digizen’s Circle- Youth Africa Speaks

The University of Nairobi hosted the Digizens Circle- Youth Africa Speaks. This was the first meeting of the Inaugural All Africa Media Leaders’ Summit 2024 held on May 8, 2024.

Jeff Mote, keynote speaker and moderator of the digizens circle at UoN

The Interactive session engaged over 500 youth on their level of  interaction and satisfaction with traditional media,  they were asked whether they feel heard and  whether their needs are addressed when they interact with traditional media. The youth voted through mentimeter and pronounced themselves over a myriad of issues within the media industry thereby providing real-time data.

The youth got a chance to express themselves and they all echoed the need to be involved where decisions about them are made.  They spoke against the stereotype and attitude that they have been branded as ‘tiktokers’ and yet they have more that they contribute to the industry.

The session was moderated by Jeff Mote, a multimedia Kenyan journalist and Dr. Tendai Mihazr, Chief Advisor at the All Africa Global Media and organizer of the All Africa Media Summit.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kiama who was represented by the Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Prof. Jack Odhiambo expressed his delight at hosting the youth event of the Summit  and underscored the University's commitment to digitilization initiatives , 'I am proud to say that The University of Nairobi has fully embraced a comprehensive digitization framework, aligning our automation efforts with our strategic plan of 2023 to 2027.This framework emphasizes collaboration ensuring that we identify key stakeholders and partners who will help us achieve our goals. We are proud to be leading the way, our students at the forefront of innovation, driving initiatives like UNC TV which broadcasts all the University’s activities through TV and radio.' 

Media stakeholders from 48 countries had gathered in Nairobi for the summit.