Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The University of Nairobi unveiled 5 major new projects to transform the university, called the “Big 5” initiatives (#UoNBig5), during the Chancellor’s Partnership Forum. The Forum brought together government officials, university leaders, and high-level partner representatives to launch the “Big 5”, aimed at positioning the University of Nairobi (UoN) as a leader in Africa on innovation, leadership, and sustainable development.

Professor Patrick V. Verkooijen, Chancellor of the University of Nairobi, emphasized the transformative potential of the “Big 5” during their unveiling:

1. UoN Innovation Park: Establishing Nairobi as the “Silicon Savannah” for entrepreneurship and technological innovation, supported by a new innovation fund. 

2.Kenya Green Jobs Center: Equipping Kenyan youth to lead the green transition through new curricula developed in partnership with businesses and comprehensive climate and sustainability courses offered to all 40,000 students.

3. Nairobi School of AI: Developing top-tier AI talent and creating localized AI solutions for Africa, including East Africa’s first AI master’s degree.
4.Africa Leadership Institute: Training the next generation of East African leaders in the public sector and beyond, in partnership with leading global institutions.

5. Nairobi Advanced Health Research Programme: Scaling the University’s lab and research capabilities in support of vaccine development, clinical trials, and biotech.

In his slingshot what is the top tertiary school of the region into prime position for rising to the challenges and opportunities of Africa’s century. We’re going to double down on technology and innovation, on green jobs, health research, leadership and bring artificial intelligence home to Africa.” Chancellor Verkooijen added “We’re open for business and partnerships on the Big 5 and to work with leading organizations as we build these foundations for the future. As our faculties move with this agenda, we are committed to work closely with the entire national tertiary sector to ensure a transformation in line with President Ruto’s ambition for education as a catalyst of development for the nation.”

The “Big 5” initiatives are designed to leverage the University's strengths and strategic partnerships to respond to some of the most pressing challenges and important opportunities facing Kenya, Africa and the globe. The “Big 5” aim to prepare UoN students and the next generation for the future of work with UoN as a key national and regional center of excellence for the core growth domains of technology, health, artificial intelligence, innovation and climate change. By developing and deepening partnerships from local to global these initiatives aim to make a lasting impact on education, research, and economic development.

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