Monday, April 22, 2024

The University of Nairobi recently hosted a significant workshop in partnership with the Thunen Institute, the New Zealand Green House Gas Research Centre, and the UN Sustainable Development Solution Network. The workshop, titled "Food Loss and Waste Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa," convened 35 experts to discuss crucial strategies for combating food loss and waste (FLW) in the region.

During the workshop, it was evident that Food Loss and Waste is a multifaceted issue demanding unified action from all stakeholders to bridge existing data gaps. Addressing Food Loss and Waste not only amplifies food availability nutrition security but also alleviates hunger. Despite current estimation pointing to substantial losses and wastes within fruit and vegetable food groups, the lack of comprehensive data hinders the formulation of effective interventions. Challenges in Sub- Saharan Africa including insufficient cold chain, limited financial resources and disjointed stakeholders networks, further underscores the complexity of this issue.

Our collaborative workshop served as crucial platform for experts to pinpoint pressing concerns necessitating immediate actions. Key action items discussed during the workshop encompass:

  •   Measuring and monitoring FLW across all stages of the food supply chain
  •  Implementing existing policies for FLW reduction
  •  Encouraging all actors in the food chain to report FLW
  • Raising awareness and educating the population on FLW issues
  • Fostering innovation and initiatives grounded in socio-cultural contexts
  • Facilitating skills development and capacity building through strategic financing


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